Coffee Bean Shimmer

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Coffee in clothes? Yes!

Finns love coffee, and this love is shared by billions of people world-wide. Coffee helps us stay awake, but thanks to a recent innovation, coffee can help improve our clothes too.

When used coffee grounds are roasted at high temperature, they finally become carbon, and the carbon forms honeycomb structures. By adding tiny particles of this carbon into polyester, we can increase its heat retention capability. Those small, hollow honeycomb caves in the fabric store heat, pretty much like a car when it gets very hot in the sun and traps the heat inside. Besides storing heat, carbon decreases the build-up of static electricity in the fabric and prevents the formation of odors, too. But no, the fabric doesn’t smell like coffee, although many coffee-loving parents could wish it did!

The ‘Coffee Bean Shimmer’ fabric is made from 100% polyester with a waterproof, breathable PU lamination, so the products are a great choice for changing autumn and winter weather. We’ve upgraded the performance of the fabric for this season: it now boasts a water pillar of 10 000 mm and a breathability of 10 000 g/m2/24 h, which make it extremely protective and comfortable to wear. The products are made water and dirt repellent using the DWR finish BIONICFINISH®ECO without fluorocarbons*, which allows parents to wash less. For more convenient washing and quicker drying, the products are also tumble-dry proof.

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