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Astelu barefoot shoes

Keep growing feet healthy with zero heel drop and space for toes to grow straight

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Always safe

100% free from PFAs, PVC & heavy metals

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Made for kids

Age appropriate designs that are easy to put on

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Easy Care

Clothing easy to wipe down and clean

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For outdoor adventures in all weather

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Barefoot shoes

Our barefoot shoes allow kids to enjoy playing indoors & outdoors while supporting the growth of healthy feet.

Toes have enough space to grow straight, and the foot can move, flex, arch and bend in a natural pattern.

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Let the sun shine - not burn

Let the sun shine - not burn

Our swimwear has 50+ UPF protection, so kids can safely play outside for up to 50x longer!

Shoes for sunny days

Our sandals & water shoes keep little feet protected while swimming and playing outdoors.

Lightweight and comfortable, kids will be able to wear them all day long.

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Sun-proof your child

When the day calls for sunny play, protect your kids with our UPF 50+ clothing.

Regular t-shirts don't protect against sunburn, but our clothing does.

No PFA chemicals here

All Reima products are 100% PFAS-free.

We create all our clothing and shoes to be good for kids, so you won't find any harmful chemicals in our products.

Celebrating 80 years of kids

Wow, can you believe it? We've been around for 80 years! A lot has changed, but one thing remains the same: Reima is all about letting kids play, explore and live life to the max.

All-time favorites

Celebrate 80 years of fun! Our most-loved products aren't just clothes; they're the heart of lasting adventures, wanted by parents and worn by generations of kids. Unleash the joy, one iconic piece at a time!

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We love seeing our gear in action! Share your adventures with #yesreima to be featured on the website. Check the policy here.

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We're here to protect our kids and their future. From material innovations to recycling initiatives, we put responsibility into every step.

We've been on the path for a better future since 1944, and continue our daily work to make the clothing industry more sustainable.

About Us

We believe that small ideas can have a big impact. This is why, for 80 years, we've had our hearts set on one thing: to create clothes and services that let kids live curiously, whatever the weather.

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Kids Clothing For Active Children

Reima is the leading premium performance wear brand for active children ages 0 to 12. We want kids to discover the joy of movement so it stays with them for life. Since 1944 Reima has been there every day, in every weather and for every experience, wherever adventure awaits. From playground fun to family hiking adventures, our outerwear is made to move.

Our children’s spring and winter jackets are waterproof and breathable to keep kids warm and dry in all weather. Beat the rainy day blues with our colorful selection of rainwear, made from hard-wearing, non-toxic fabrics that are easy to care for and free from harmful fluorocarbons. Essential mid-layers and innerwear keep the chill at bay so kids can play outside as long as they want. Our kids’ shoes are waterproof, comfortable, and machine-washable. Everything kids (and parents) need for fun-filled days outdoors and our swimwear is made from recycled materials and also protects little ones from the sun with SPF 50 protection.

At Reima, our focus on children’s well-being applies to everything we do. That’s why we’re committed to sustainability and using non-toxic materials in all our clothing. What is suitable for your kids is good for our environment. We think kids should enjoy the outdoors no matter the weather. Our gear is durable and non-toxic, protecting children and the planet. No wonder we’re loved and trusted by families who are happiest outside.