Reima sustainability

We're here to protect our kids and their future

The Reima story began in 1944 by recycling old fabrics into new clothing. Since then, we've been dedicated to making the world's most durable, functional, recyclable and easy-care activewear for kids. As we look at the state of the climate today, it's clear to us that our mission is more important than ever.

Sustainability - award winning products

Award winning products

Our fit-for-purpose and durable products let kids explore and learn by doing. Our clothes are always safe to use and 80% of them are made with sustainable materials.

Caring for the future

We are committed to reducing our climate impact in line with the Paris Climate Agreement. We also partner with organizations around the world to further causes, from supporting kids’ hobbies to protecting wildlife.

Sustainability - caring for the future
Sustainability - respecting people

Respecting people

Our products are made ethically in fair conditions.

Our heritage

From material innovations to recycling initiatives, we put responsibility into every step. We’ve been on the path for a better future since 1944 and continue our daily work to make the clothing industry more sustainable.

Sustainability - our heritage