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Waterproof & Water-Resistent

Outdoor Playsuits

Parenting hack: Outdoor Playsuits

Lightweight, dirt-repellent outdoor playsuits are so easy for kids and parents.

Just throw it on top of their clothes and head outside!

It will keep kids protected, their indoor clothes clean and your laundry pile small. Simply genius!

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Different materials for different weather

Our outdoor playsuits are designed for wet, muddy outdoor adventures! However, some adventures require more waterproofing than others.

See below to learn about our fully waterproof and water-resistant outdoor playsuits.

Waterproof Rainsuits

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Perfect for puddle jumping!

PU Rubber Rain Material

Roiske, our fully waterproof rainsuit is designed for splashing about in puddles and extended exposure to rainfall.

Its soft, rubbery PU material will keep your child dry in the wettest environment!

Reimatec Waterproof Playsuits

Great for outdoor play in wet & muddy conditions

Reimatec Material

Karikko & Kapelli outdoor playsuits feature our Reimatec materials. Our Reimatec fabrics are fully waterproof, breathable and durable.

They are just as waterproof as Roiske rainsuit, but have more of a fabric feel than our soft, rubber rain material.

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Water-Resistant Playsuits

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Perfect for outdoor play!

Softshell Material

Nurmes & Mjosa are our two most popular outdoor playsuits!

The softshell material is very water-resistant, stretchy, comfy and breathable - so kids will stay dry but not get sweaty. These are great for most damp conditions!

Bring on the dirt and mud - these outdoor playsuits are dirt-repellent as well!

See Nurmes in Action!

Our softshell playsuits are great for outdoor adventures!

What parents are saying


My son is in outdoor preschool so I was on the hunt for something that would be warm and sturdy. So far this has been perfect! The reinforced knees are a plus! I put a fleece base layer underneath and he stays warm and dry. very happy with this purchase!

Danielle M.

Success! Perfect for my highly sensitive daughter.

I am so happy with this. My daughter's sensory sensitivities typically make winter clothing a challenge. Before getting this softshell we tried dozens of other rainpants and suits with no luck. My daughter not only wears this but likes to wear it! This has made longer outside playdates and evening walks possible. (something we could not do when she would only wear cotton dresses.) It's warm and breathable, and the lining is soft. We are so pleased with this suit that I now have my eyes on their snowsuit.

Christine P.

Best RainSuit

We've used a few different rain suit for our babies before but these by far have been the best. The material is high quality and very comfortable. They run very big but that leaves room to grow. My daughter was sitting in the ocean surf and only the bottom of her legs/feet got even a little wet.

Eve E.

No more wet knees!

These outdoor playsuits are perfect for crawling babies and active kids.

They will keep water out and clean dry clothes inside. With our dirt-repellency, they are easy to clean as well!