Size Charts

A better fit for better moves. Reima sizes are always based on body measurements. See our size charts for more information.

  • Garments(0-5 Years Old)

  • Garments(6-14 Years Old)

  • Footwear

  • Footwear Double Sizing

  • Hats & Beanie

  • Mittens & Gloves

  • Booties

  • Socks

  • Adult Jackets


Please note that the measurements given correspond to a child’s body measurements, not the dimensions of the garment. If you would like to compare your child’s measurements using our size charts, measure your child, not their clothes.

Take your child’s body measurements over thin indoor clothes. The hands and head should be measured without any gloves or hats.

Reima® garments have around 2-3 inches of room for growth, and allow for base and mid layers, too. So if your child is close to 3 ft. 5 in tall in the fall and has a slim to medium build, a size 4T should fit comfortably through the winter. However, kids can grow in spurts, so sometimes a larger size may be a wiser choice. Read more about Reima sizing here and choosing the correct shoe size here. On every product page, we have a new sizing tool where you input your child’s size, weight, and age, and the appropriate size with likely fit will provide you with the most accurate size.


0-5 years old

Please note that the measurements given correspond to a child’s body measurements, not the dimensions of the garment.

Age approx.3M6M9M1Y1.5Y2Y3Y4Y5Y
US/CA Size3-6M6-9M9-12M12-18M18-24M2T3T4T5Y
EU Size62687480869298104110
Child’s height (A)24272931.53436394143
Chest (C)1818.51919.520.521222324
Waist (D)1919.319.72020.52121.321.722
Hip (E)20.921.321.72222.422.823.624.425.2
Shoulder + arm (F)111213141516171819
Inside leg (G)8.39.410.611.813.214.615.917.318.7
Outside leg (H)1516.5181920.52223.52526.5

6-14 years old

Age approx.6Y7Y8Y9Y10Y11Y12Y13Y14Y
US/CA Size6Y7Y8Y9Y10Y11Y12Y13Y14Y
EU Size116122128134140146152158164
Child’s height (A)464850.5535557.5606265
Chest (C)24.52526272829.5313233
Waist (D)22.422.823.624.425.22626.827.628.3
Hip (E)2626.827.628.329.530.731.933.134.3
Shoulder + arm (F)20212223.52526272829.5
Inside leg (G)2021.5232425.527282930.5
Outside leg (H)2829.53132.5343637.53940.5


US/CA SizeEU SizeFoot Length (in)Foot Length (mm)
4.5/5 Toddler204.48-4.68114-119
5.5 Toddler214.72-4.96120-126
6/6.5 Toddler224.99-5.19127-132
7.5 Toddler235.23-5.47133-139
8 Toddler245.51-5.79140-147
8.5/9 Toddler255.82-6.06148-154
9.5 Toddler266.10-6.34155-161
10/10.5 Toddler276.37-6.61162-168
11 Kids286.65-6.85169-174
11.5 Kids296.88-7.13175-181
12/12.5 Kids307.16-7.40182-188
13/13.5 Kids317.4-7.64189-194
1 Kids327.67-7.91195-201
1.5/2 Kids337.95-8.18202-208
2.5/3 Kids348.22-8.42209-214
3.5 Kids358.46-8.70215-221
4/4.5 Kids368.74-9.02222-229
5/5.5 Kids379.05-9.25230-235
6/6.5 Kids389.29-9.52236-242

Footwear Double Sizing

*Certain shoes employ a distinct sizing system. For your convenience, kindly consult the tables provided below while making your purchase.

US/CA SizeEU Size
5.5/6.5 Toddler21/22
7.5/8 Toddler23/24
8.5/9.5 Toddler25/26
10/11 Kids27/28
11.5/12.5 Kids29/30
13/1 Kids31/32
1.5/3 Kids33/34
3.5/4.5 Kids35/36
5/6.5 Kids37/38
US/CA SizeEU Size
6/7.5 Toddler22/23
8/9 Toddler24/25
9.5/10.5 Toddler26/27
11/11.5 Kdis28/29
12/13.5 Kids30/31
1/2 Kids32/33
2.5/3.5 Kids34/35

Hats & Beanies

Age approx.6-12M1-1.5Y3-4Y2-5Y4-7Y7-12Y12-14Y
US/CA Size9-12M1-2Y3-4Y5-6Y6-7Y7-12Y12-14Y
Head Circumference(B) (in) 18.118.819.620.421.22222.8
Head Circumference(B) (cm)46485052545658

Hats & Beanies (Double Sizing)

Age approx.0-3M3-6M6-12M1-3Y2-7Y7-14Y
US/CA Size0-3M3-6M6-12M1-4Y5-7Y7-14Y
Head Circumference(B) (in)14.1-14.915.7-16.517.3-18.118.8-19.620.4-21.222-22.8
Head Circumference(B) (cm)36-3840-4244-4648-5052-5456-58
Age approx.0-2M2-4M4-6M9M-2Y3-6Y6-12Y
US/CA Size0-2M2-4M4-6M9M-2Y3-6Y6-12Y
Head Circumference(B) (in)13.3-14.114.9-15.716.5-17.318.1-18.819.6-20.421.2-22
Head Circumference(B) (cm)34-3638-4042-4446-4850-5254-56

Mittens & Gloves

Age approx.0-12M6-18M1-2Y2-4Y4-6Y6-8Y8-10Y10-12Y12-14Y
US/CA Size0-12M6-18M1-2Y2-4Y4-6Y6-8Y8-10Y10-12Y12-14Y
EU Size012345678
Palm Height (in)
Palm Girth (in)


Age approx.0-12M6-18M1-2Y
US/CA Size0-12M6-18M24M
Outsole length (in)3.9 - 4.74.7 - 5.56.3

*Please note that the insole length of booties is approx. 0.2-0.4 in shorter than the outsole, depending on the wadding.


US/CA Size6 - 9 Toddler9.5 - 11.5 Toddler12 - 2 Kids2.5 - 5.5 Kids6 - 8 Kids
EU Size22-2526-2930-3334-3738-41

*Please kindly refer to the EU shoe size(last row of the chart) to determine the optimal sock size for a better fit. For example, if your little ones wear shoes in EU size 23, 6 - 9 Toddler might be the optimal Reima socks size.

Adult Jackets

The measurements shown here are those of the jacket, not body measurements.

To find your size, lay a jacket flat on the ground and measure in centimeters.

Please note: Both jackets are a loose fit and Granne runs big.


Chest Width (cm)59.5 62.5 65.5 68.5 71.5
Chest Width(in)23.4324.6125.7926.9728.15
Waist Width(cm)59 62 65 68 71
Waist Width(in)23.2324.4125.5926.7727.95
Hem Width(cm) 59 62 65 68 71
Hem Width(in)23.2324.4125.5926.7727.95
Shoulder to Hem Length(cm)85.5 87.5 89.591.5 93.5
Shoulder to Hem Length(in)33.6634.4535.2436.0236.81
Shoulder + Sleeve Length (cm)8385878991
Shoulder + Sleeve Length (in)32.6833.4634.2535.0435.83


Chest Width(cm) 5254576063
Chest Width(in)20.4721.2622.4423.6224.80
Waist Width(cm)4749.5525558
Waist Width(in)18.5019.4920.4721.6522.83
Hem Width(cm) 5759.56265.568
Hem Width(in)22.4423.4324.4125.7926.77
Shoulder to Hem Length(cm) 8081838586
Shoulder to Hem Length(in)31.5031.8932.6833.4633.86
Shoulder + Sleeve Length(cm)748077.58081.5
Shoulder + Sleeve Length(in)29.1331.5030.5131.5032.09