Children's footwear

Award-winning designs to support healthy, growing feet

NA Footwear - Benefits Section - PFAs FREE

Always safe

100% free from PFAs, PVC & heavy metals

NA Footwear - Benefits Section - Natural Movement

For growing feet

Allows natural movement, growth and comfort

NA Footwear - Benefits Section - Easy Care

Easy Care

Shoes are easy to clean and come with instructions

NA Footwear - Benefits Section - Child Friendly

Made for kids

Age appropriate designs that are easy to put on

Award-winning designs

Kids aren't just mini adults - their growing feet need special care.

Our award-winning footwear is designed purposefully with big benefits for small feet.

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Summer Category Page - Barefoot Shoes

Barefoot shoes

Our barefoot shoes allow kids to safely enjoy playing outdoors while supporting the growth of healthy feet.

Toes have enough space to grow straight, and the foot can move, flex, arch and bend in a natural pattern.

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Shoes for sunny days

Our sandals & water shoes keep little feet protected while swimming and playing outdoors.

Lightweight and comfortable, kids will be able to wear them all day long.

Footwear Category Page - Sandals & Water Shoes - Picture

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Summer Footwear Category - Sneakers - Lightweight & breathable

Sneakers for summer

Our lightweight & breathable sneakers are perfect for the hot summer months.

They keep kids' feet from getting hot and sweaty by allowing heat and moisture to escape from the inside, while letting in fresh, cool air.

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Puddle jumping pros

Made for splashing about in the rain and mud, these boots are fully waterproof with a soft cotton lining on the inside.

They are made with natural rubber without PVC or PFAs - better for children and the environment.

NA Footwear Category - Rain Boots

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What parents are saying


Easy on, Easy off

Bought for a boy who loves to complain about everything being too tight or too itchy, he put these on and has loved them ever since.


The best chicken boots!

My 3 year old calls these her chicken boots because she wears them out to check on her girls. I love that she can get them on by herself - and that they are yellow, so I can see them across the yard when she takes them off while playing.


Grandson loves them!

My grandson has had about 4 pairs of these! Not because they aren’t good but because he’s a growing boy! Each time his feet grow he wants another pair do these! They are easy for him to put in and take off! We love them!

NA Footwear Category - Sizing - Infographic

Happy fit system

Our shoes have an extra 1.5 cm added for movement and growth.

The removable insole helps you pick the perfect fit!