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Warm Layers

Add a base & mid layer - Stay warm & happy outdoors longer.

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Coordinated Coziness

Color-coordinated warm layers + accessories

We've curated a collection of our favorite accessories and warm layers, with matching prints and playful color combos.

Get cozy head to toe in color-coordinated pairings!

Stay dry & warm this winter

1 + 2 + 3

Do your math with layers

1. The base layer that manages moisture and is comfortable all day long. Wool or Thermolite is a great choice here.

2. The warm mid layer - Fluffy fleece and warm wool are great choices here.

3. The windproof, waterproof & breathable top layer is the best rule of thumb for all-day outdoor play. Our jackets and ski gear check these boxes.


Layer 1: Base Layers

Warm, moisture-managing base layers for cold days

Staying warm in winter starts with the base layer. The function is to keep the skin dry even when sweating.

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Wool Base Layers ūüźĎ

More wool = more warmth

Our wool base layers are great for keeping your child warm outdoors for longer.

Wool is warm even when wet, moisture absorbing, highly dirt repellent, fire resistant & biodegradable.

Wool is great for very cold environments.

Scroll down to see two of our best-selling wool base layers!

‚ú® Taival - the warmest base layer ‚ú®

Taival Base Layer

80% Soft Merino Wool

Taival is our warmest base layer, with 80% RWS-certified merino wool and 20% polyamide.

Polyamide adds durability to fine merino wool, RWS-certified means our wool comes from happy sheep treated with respect.

Our wool is silky soft so you get all the warmth with none of the itch!

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Taitoa - Bamboo for sensitive skin ūüéč

Warmth of wool, softness of bamboo

Taitoa is our most comfy, softest base layer.

Good for kids with even the most sensitive winter skin!

The bamboo viscose absorbs moisture away from the skin and helps kids feel fresh.

The wool keeps kids warm, even if they become sweaty after busy play.

Great for both indoor and outdoor play.

View Taitoa Bamboo + Wool Base Layer

NA Winter Category - Base Layers

Thermolite¬ģ for active play

Wool is great at keeping kids warm, but in very active play is where synthetic materials really shine!

Active kids will enjoy the lightweight warmth of Thermolite¬ģ.

Hollow polyester fibers trap warm inside the base layer - keeping kids cozy.

Moisture is wicked away keeping kids dry.

‚ú® Lani - warmth for sports & play ‚ú®

Base Layer - Lani - Single Item

The secret is the Thermolite¬ģ

Cotton chills kids¬†when¬†moist, but¬†the¬†warm Lani¬†base¬†layer set with Thermolite¬ģ transfers moisture away from the skin.

It keeps kids comfortable, no matter how many trees they climb, snowmen they build, or slopes they slide. 

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Layer 2: Mid Layers

Keep the warmth in and cold out

The job of a mid layer is to trap any heat lost from the base layer and insulate the body.

It goes between the base layer and the outer layer, such as a waterproof jacket or snowsuit.

Fleece and wool are great materials for mid layers!

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‚ú® Fleece Mid Layer - Laskien ‚ú®

Fleece Mid Layer - Laskinen

A favorite fleece - Laskien

This funky knit fleece sweater can be worn while playing winter sports or used as loungewear.

Made from 90% recycled fibers, its brushed polyester inside keeps kids warm all day long.

Shaped fitted cut.

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‚ú® Fleece Mid Layer - Liukuen ‚ú®

Perfect for active days

An eye-catching sweater designed for winter sports or to be worn as loungewear.

Crafted from 90% recycled fibers, its brushed reverse keeps kids toasty while a classic straight cut hugs the body gently.

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Layer 3: Outer Layer

Waterproof, yet breathable jackets and snowsuits will ensure kids stay dry and warm all day long.

Whether you're hitting the slopes, building a snowman outside or simply running errands around town, we have the outerwear for all occasions!

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