Warm greetings from Finland, and congratulations on your new baby - a small child brings so much joy your entire life!

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Clean Enough to Chew

We care about babies and the future of their planet.

That’s why our collection is made with sustainable materials and the strictest safety standards on baby clothing.

For a baby - everything is going in the mouth! That's why we never add anything to our clothing that we wouldn't want our own babies to chew on.

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baby in snow sustainability material HERO 1080x1080

From Finland - to your home

Reima is here to help you with the twists and turns of parenting.

We’ve dressed up three generations of snow-playing Finns to brave the Nordic winters - and now we're passing on the joy of the outdoors to children all over the world.

And because play is proven to give children a better future, we design for every season to help make an active childhood accessible to all.