The joy of movement starts at the feet 👣

Gearing up the next generation for the world to come. 🌎

Our barefoot shoes allow kids to safely enjoy moving in all conditions while supporting the growth of healthy feet.

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Made for summer freedom ☀

This summer, when shoes are needed, go for minimum coverage and maximum freedom with Reima Rantaan 2.0 sandals.

Little toes will be happy on flat, flexible soles and in airy uppers. Plus they are machine washable!

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Barefoot Comfort 👟

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Promoting Natural Foot Development With Barefoot Shoes

Living is easy and growing is carefree with the first-ever Reima barefoot shoes.

They're spacey at the toes and have flat, flexible soles that make each step feel almost like wearing no shoes at all.

One step closer to nature 👣🌲🌻

Kids' feet are meant to grow freely, which is why our Astelu barefoot shoes are spacey at the toes.

Their flat, flexible soles feel almost like there was no shoe at all, yet they give a great grip for safety.

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Keeping up with growing feet

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The growth of the human foot comes in spurts.

Studies show that the foot grows about one-half inch a year during the first ten years of a child’s life.

For good development of the feet, it is important to choose the right size and shape of the shoes and to track that the shoes fit properly with growth.

How to measure with Reima Happy Fit

The correct shoe size can easily be measured by taking out the insole and having the child step on the insole. In total, the length of the foot + 1/2 in for growth is necessary for children’s shoes.

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Design From Finland

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The “Design from Finland” certification mark is a mark of high-quality Finnish design.

The Finnish Design Council awards this to Finnish-designed products or services that have been recognized for their contribution to high design expertise. Ease of use is also a focus of product and service certification.