5 Reasons Why Your Child Need Barefoot Shoes


Also known as zero-drop shoes, barefoot shoes are designed to provide close contact with the earth so that the wearer is adequately footed and can feel the ground. Not only is this the most natural state for our bodies, but it is also beneficial for foot development.

Look at all the reasons you should invest in a pair. There are more than a few.

Many cultures have worn flat-sole shoes since the Egyptians. From Japanese sandals to huaraches, zero-drop shoes are nothing new. Recent designs of minimalist shoes have an actual foot shape and a soft, flexible heel that bends and moves.

You don't have to walk like an Egyptian or comb the beach to reap the benefits of a zero-drop heel. Read on.

5 Reasons to Go (Almost Barefoot)

Your kiddo will thank you for switching from regular street shoes to minimalist ones. Here's why.

#1 Barefoot Shoes Make Moving Easy

Get footloose and fancy-free in flexible shoes that make moving a breeze. Flat sole shoes are lightweight for a reason.

Nobody likes wearing a clunky and heavy sole. It makes walking difficult and running unsafe, and little legs are just building the strength to move quickly. The last thing they need is a heavy sole that weighs them down.

Because flats help kids build strong foot muscles, they support stability, making them ideal for young bodies exploring and adventuring in their surroundings.

#2 Breathability Prevents Sweaty Feet

Most zero-drop shoes for kids are made to breathe, which helps make them even more comfortable to wear.

This breathability can be especially helpful when kids are at that age where the first thing they do once getting strapped into the car seat after a time well spent at the park is to remove their shoes and socks and launch them into the cockpit as the parent, unsuspectingly, is trying to drive. (Yeah, we've all been there.)

With the comfort of barefoot shoes on their little feet, kids are less inclined to remove them in a hurry since they feel natural and are light.

Barefoot shoes also help prevent feet from getting sweaty, thanks to their breathability. Sweaty feet can make anybody cranky, and who needs that when going outside and having fun is supposed to be fun?

#3 Wide Toe Box Encourages Proper Alignment

Cramping tootsies into tight shoes is terrible for foot development and just plain hurts. The wide toe box in barefoot styles helps each toe to develop straight.

If your kiddo constantly takes their shoes off or grabs their feet, it could be their shoes are too tight and narrow, squeezing some of those little piggies. Bare style shoes are wide and made for growing feet.

#4 Versatility

Minimalist shoes are minimal, so they blend into many different looks without making a considerable fashion "statement."

Many of Reima's styles and color combination options go with all sorts of fashion trends, from skirts to pants, shorts, and jumpsuits. What's most important is that happy feet make for a happy child. After all, a smile is always the best thing to wear, right?

#5 Natural Gait and Posture Support

Going barefoot isn't always practical or safe outdoors, but its what nature intended. And that's why it's easier to run and climb shoeless.

Zero-drop shoes can encourage proper posture and help kids become sure-footed, as they'll feel more planted with every step. Little walkers taking those first steps before their mad dash runs across the room will have an easier time stomping on a flat sole.

Whether your child is running in the yard, practicing gymnastics, or riding a bike, kids' barefoot shoes will help them get a firm grip on the ground or the pedals. And a firmer grip on the ground can help prevent accidental stumbles.

When Should Flat Shoes NOT Be Worn?

Kids can wear 'em year-round. But if you're looking for a comfy and breathable all-season weatherproof shoe made for more all-weather conditions, look no further than our Reimatec collection.

If your child needs a shoe that offers more support or has a current condition causing heel or arch pain, such as plantar fasciitis, a barefoot shoe may not be the best fit.

Your child's pediatrician or podiatrist should be able to recommend a better-suited choice for their comfort and individual needs.

What's the Best Barefoot Shoe Brand for Kids?

We may be biased, but our reputation of 80 years designing activewear for kids differentiates us from the competition.

Our durable, innovative materials withstand active childhoods without compromising comfort. We constructed our PVC and Fluorocarbon-free shoes for sloshing in the mud, climbing trees, hiking trails, and strolling the beach.

Forget the rest and shop the best cause your kids need a pair. (Remember the car seat and the shoe episodes?) Exactly! Grab some.

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