A Buyer’s Guide to Kids Ski Pants

A Buyer’s Guide to Kids Ski Pants

When preparing for the winter months, your child may likely want to spend some time in the snow. Especially for little ones who are fans of winter sports such as skiing, sledding, or snowboarding, it’s crucial to keep kids safe if they’re spending extended periods in plummeting temperatures. Winter sports can be full of exciting experiences, but no one will have fun with exposed ankles and freezing extremities. So what are the best kids ski pants that will be sure to provide your kids with a positive skiing experience?

In this article, we’ll explore some of the different types of kids’ ski pants as well as what to look for when buying ski pants for kids. With Reima’s help, your child will be sure to have the time of their life the next time they hit the slopes!

Types of Kids Ski Pants

Before diving into some of the different factors that affect kids’ ski pants, let’s first begin by understanding the different types of kids’ ski pants. When it comes to selecting your child’s wardrobe for winter sports, countless options can become overwhelming to choose from. Kids’ ski pants are typically broken down into three major categories: shell ski pants, insulated ski pants, and bib ski pants.

Shell Ski Pants

Shell ski pants offer a thin shell outer layer. These ski pants feature a thin waterproof shell that is designed to be worn over a child’s base and middle layers . While shell ski pants are more commonly worn by adults, there are kids’ shell ski pants available.

Insulated Ski Pants

The most popular style of kids’ ski pants are insulated ski pants because they provide ample warmth. Insulated ski pants for kids will feature that same waterproof shell that we discussed while also boasting an inner liner for additional warmth. While kids should still pair these with proper layering beneath, insulated ski pants are great for little ones.

Bib Ski Pants

Bib ski pants are another popular option for kids because they offer additional coverage while spending time on the slopes. Designed to be worn like overalls, youth snow bibs prevent the pants from shifting around during excessive movement while providing the same protection and warmth when spending extended periods outside in the snow.

Choose Weatherproof Materials

Whether you’re hitting the slopes or simply anticipate spending a lot of time in the snow, you should always look for waterproof fabrics and materials when shopping for your child’s ski apparel. Waterproof fabrics prevent snow from melting into clothing becoming uncomfortable during their time outside and can come in handy for freezing rain as well. When choosing weatherproof kids ski pants, make sure to also look for taped seams. This guarantees that not only is the fabric waterproof, but that snow won’t be able to sneak into the stitching of the garment.

Reima’s Suggestions

Reima has a wide selection of kids’ ski pants that feature waterproof and weather-resistant fabrics. Guaranteed to keep your child dry while hitting the slopes, here are a few of Reima’s suggested pieces:

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Check for Durability

As with any winter apparel, it’s important for kids’ ski pants to not only be waterproof but also durable. Skiing involves a lot of dramatic movement, and without durable fabrics, your child will likely rip or tear their ski pants, which is a quick way to get cold while on the slopes. Ski pants are uniquely made for enhanced durability and are more intricately designed to not only keep kids warm during extreme weather conditions but also guarantee that the pants will be properly constructed for high levels of movement.

Reima’s Suggestions

Reima seeks to create only high-quality and durable winter apparel. When choosing kids’ ski pants, you can feel rest assured that when you shop at Reima your kids will be able to rely on their winter wardrobe for multiple seasons! For the highest durability, we recommend Loika or Wingon.

Look for Breathability

The other important factor to consider when choosing kids’ ski pants is breathability. When dressing for extreme winter conditions, it’s always a smart idea to encourage layers. Especially when skiing or enjoying winter slopes, having enough layers is how kids stay warm for extended periods. Since skiing demands a lot of movement, it’s important to choose ski pants that are waterproof, durable, and also breathable to make sure kids can move about freely and comfortably.

Reima’s Suggestions

Reima’s a wide selection of breathable layers and ski pants, perfect for the most athletic of young winter athletes. A few of our most breathable kids’ ski pants perfect for those that love getting ambitious on the slopes are Terrie and Proxima!

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When shopping for a family ski trip, the number of options out there can become overwhelming pretty quickly. Reima seeks to simplify the process of curating a reliable and fashionable winter wardrobe, with a wide variety of winter apparel and kids’ ski pants to choose from. Designed with only high-quality fabrics and boasting uniquely stylish designs, your child will be skiing in style this winter. Explore Reima’s selection of kids’ ski pants today!