Ski Safety Tips: How to Ski Safely With Kids

Kids Skiing Tips: How to Ski Safely With Kids

One of the most exciting parts about the winter months is the winter sports that become available during those cold weather months. Once the snow starts to gather a few inches that means that sledding, snowball fights, and snowmen are on the horizon. One of the most timeless winter activities that the entire family can enjoy is skiing and snowboarding. While skiing is an exciting activity, it can also be one of the most dangerous without kids understanding ski safety tips that will allow their time on the slopes to be successful. 

In this article, we’ll explore some of the most important ski safety tips to ensure your kids stay safe during their winter adventure. Skiing is a great source of fun once the snow begins to fall, but safety should always come first with any thrilling winter sport. 

How to Ski Safely with Kids

When it comes to preparing for an upcoming ski trip, everyone should be on the same page regarding ski safety and proper slope behavior. No one likes a ski trip that’s cut short due to a very preventable injury. Here are some of our most suggested ski safety guidelines that can help with keeping your family ski trip fun. 

Ski Safety Tip #1: Choose the Right Location

When skiing with kids, begin by choosing a ski location that they will be able to truly enjoy. In an ideal world, the location should have a variety of slopes that will provide both kids and adults with great opportunities for skiing fun. By choosing a hot spot with no child-friendly slopes, you can easily prevent them from staying safe and potentially getting hurt due to over-ambitious ski maneuvers. 

Ski Safety Tip #2: Slow and Steady 

Along the same line of choosing a ski location that has child-friendly slopes, it’s always important to allow kids to take their time on the slopes. Especially for beginners that are getting the hang of how skis feel on their feet, rushing the fresh learners is a quick avenue toward injury and your ski adventure becoming a negative one. By taking things slow and steady with children, they can work their way up to the more advanced slopes once you know they’re actually ready. 

Ski Safety Tip #3: Don’t Neglect Sunscreen

Even for adults, it can be easy to forget about the power of the sun’s UV rays when you’re surrounded by snow. Sunburn can occur any time of the year and can be especially dangerous when the sun is reflecting off an icy winter wonderland. Make sure to encourage kids to apply sunscreen before hitting the slopes, making sure to reapply as needed for those longer slope days. 

Ski Safety Tip #4: Research Kid-Friendly Classes

If your child has never had the pleasure of skiing, it’s always a great idea to research kid-friendly classes so they can learn proper slope etiquette and ski basics. The learning curve for skiing will highly depend on the location, and site-based instructors can help children properly anticipate the slopes and work their way up to confidently skiing. Kids will be able to ask any questions they have and have hands-on instruction that they can easily recall once they’re ready to hit the slopes. 

Ski Safety Tip #5: Dress for the Occasion

No one enjoys winter sports without knowing how to dress for the occasion. Numb fingers and freezing cold extremities are a quick way to dampen a ski trip and can be especially dangerous for little ones that spend numerous hours outdoors in plummeting temperatures. Properly dressing for the elements is the most important ski safety tip to ensure everyone has a good time on the slopes. Since you’ll be spending time in the snow, make sure to choose weatherproof fabrics for any winter coat. Additionally, encourage lots of layers, don’t forget about the importance of winter boots, and make sure the child’s face and hands are covered to keep kids both comfortable and warm throughout their ski experience. 

Important Ski Accessories 

Ski Safety Tip #6: Always Stick Together! 

One of the most dangerous parts about skiing is getting split from your group. One of the first things a ski instructor will emphasize is the importance of sticking together, especially for little ones that can easily become disoriented on the slopes. Make sure kids stay close to the group at all times. It’s also suggested to choose a recognizable location or place that kids go to if they get separated. Make sure to provide kids with a map and contact details so that if they get separated they don’t feel concerned about reconnecting to the group if needed. 

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Skiing is one of the most classic and timeless experiences a kid can have, and understanding proper ski safety is crucial for success. Skiing can create some of the most cherished memories, and by dressing for the occasion and knowing proper ski safety, you can guarantee your child will have a fun and exciting time. Reima has a wide selection of winter outerwear and apparel perfect for enhancing your child’s ski adventure. From ski gear to various winter accessories, Reima seeks to simplify finding ski equipment and apparel. Explore Reima’s full selection of outerwear today.