Clothes Made From Oysters?

Shell Yes!

Whoever said oysters were only good for pearls and fancy dinners, obviously never tried making a jacket out of them. Nope, you didn't read that wrong! Oyster shells into jackets - it's not just possible, it’s high-performing, recycled and incredibly warm.

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An Ultimate Shell Against the Elements

Introducing our revolutionary kids' jacket Osteri, engineered with an innovative blend of recycled oyster shells and polyester for unbeatable insulation, breathability, and resilience against winter weather. Packed with user-friendly features, Osteri is your one-stop solution for active outdoor adventures.

What is Seawool®?

The magic behind our new kid's jacket is in the Seawool® fabric – a recycled blend of oyster shells and polyester. This unique material not only offers exceptional insulation, but it also creates a soft, almost woolen touch, thanks to oyster shells, pulverized to nano-size.

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Award-Winning Performance

The Osteri jacket is the winner of both ISPO Award 2023 and Scandinavian Outdoor Award (SOA) for its superior performance. In their comment, the ISPO jury said:

"It is encouraging to see that children's clothing is also increasingly being developed with a stronger focus on more sustainable materials. Reima makes a statement with its first bluesign® product winter jacket for kids,"

The Perfect Winter Combo

Meet Tartu! These gloves make winter easy to handle, come snow or slush.When we Finns want someone to grab something, we say "Tartu". Dating back to the mid-1990s, these stylish gloves let kids grab things such as snowballs or ski poles, in style, flexibly and without losing their grip. They will keep busy hands dry and warm all winter long, so no wonder they are a firm favourite of Reima families all around the world.  Pair them perfectly with our Osteri jacket for ultimate warmth and style!

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