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Let the sun shine - not burn

Swimwear with 50+ UPF protection

With Reima swimwear, kids can safely play in the sun for up to 50x longer!

Instead of a sunburn in 30 minutes even after globs of sunscreen, children can get up to 25 hours of safe playtime, while reducing the amount of sticky sunscreen needed.

Let the sun shine - not burn

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Xylitol Cool Image

Stay Cool with Xylitol

From trees, to sweetener to clothing

Xylitol Cool gets its name and its cooling effect from xylitol, a naturally-occurring sweetener found in Finnish birch trees.

Xylitol has been used as a sugar substitute for food and chewing gum for decades and now Reima has transformed it into an environmentally-friendly, non-toxic heat-beating fabric finish!