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Softshell collection

Waterproof to discover the world... recycled to protect it

Our softshell collection is made for adventurers! The material is warm and wonderfully soft against the skin. Waterproof and windproof technology keeps kids dry, and the breathability keeps them from getting sweaty.

Our collection includes jackets, outdoor pants, outdoor jumpsuits and gloves & mittens.

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Small details, big benefits

NA Softshell Collection - Infographic
NA Softshell Collection - Image - Vantti_Oikotie
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Softshell jackets

Softshell is a great choice for jackets! The material will keep rain out, and the soft fleece on the interior keeps kids warm.

They're lightweight and great for mild temperatures.

Softshell outdoor pants

Don't let cold, wet legs stop your child's outdoor adventures! Look no further than our softshell outdoor pants.

They keep water and dirt out and hold up to outdoor adventures. They're the perfect pair with our softshell jackets!

NA Softshell Collection - Softshell outdoor pants
NA Softshell Collection - Softshell gloves & mittens

Softshell gloves & mittens

Keep hands warm and dry in chilly autumn days. Light drizzle while waiting for the bus? No problem for softshell!

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