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Summer Sandals

For healthy growing feet

All our sandals feature heel straps, allowing for a secure fit.

Unlike flip-flops which don't have a heel strap, our sandals don't encourage toe-gripping, a potential cause of toe deformities.

Open toe sandals

Summer Footwear - Sandals - Open toe sandals - Bungee

Our open-toe sandals, such as Bungee, Ratas and Minsa are very lightweight and great for playing in sand, water or at the playground.

With adjustable straps, you're sure to find a great fit.

Closed-Toe Sandals

For extra protection, we love closed-toe sandals, such as Hiekalla and Lomalla.

They let kids run, bike or kick the soccer ball without stubbing their toes!

Summer Footwear - Sandals - Sandals with toe caps

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What parents are saying


Super cute

super cute, and fit well, good for in and out of the pool, water, keeps baby from slipping, i would recommend them, and great colors!

(Lean water shoe)

brenda d.


Love them!

These are a great affordable barefoot shoe. My daughter likes them, they are easy to get on and seem like they will hold up well.

(Rantaan Barefoot Sandal)

Brooke S.


Great model for kid's chubby feet

My 2 year old has very chubby feed. This model is perfect for running and playing in summer. He will not be hot. Also looks great with any out feet and high quality

(Lomalla Sandal)

Tatyana P.

Summer sneakers

Our toddler and kids' sneakers are made for active kids!

Choose from pairs that are waterproof, machine-washable and lightweight & breathable! 

Summer Footwear Category - Sneakers - Lightweight & breathable

Sneakers for summer

Our lightweight & breathable sneakers are perfect for the hot summer months.

They keep kids' feet from getting hot and sweaty by allowing heat and moisture to escape from the inside, while letting in fresh, cool air.

Waterproof Sneakers

Summer Footwear Category - Sneakers - Waterproof

Our waterproof sneakers, Enkka and Kiirus, are perfect shoes for the spring and summer months.

They have a waterproof inside membrane that will keep little toes dry, even in an unexpected rainstorm!

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