50+ UPF

Sunproof collection

With 50+ UPF protection, kids can safely play outside for up to 50x longer than with sunscreen alone.

Let the sun shine, not burn

Get head-to-toe protection from harmful UVA & UVB rays.

Our Sunproof collection keeps kids protected while reducing the need for sunscreen. Free from chemical nasties, it's better for both kids and the environment.

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Swimwear Category - Long-Sleeved Swimwear

More sun protection - less sunscreen

Keeping enough sunscreen on babies and young kids can be a real challenge during a beach or pool day.

With our long-sleeved swimwear and rash guards, you don't have to worry about sunscreen head to toe.

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Swimwear Category Page - Sunhats

Sun hats

Our sunhats with UV 50+ protection let kids have fun in the sun longer, without icky, sticky lotions.

Neck, scalp and ears are the first to burn & our sun hats ensure no harmful rays come through.

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NA Summer Category Page - UPF 50+ Apparel

Sun-proof your child

When the day calls for sunny play, protect your kids with our UPF 50+ clothing.

Regular t-shirts don't protect against sunburn, but our clothing does.

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