UPF 50+ Protective


May the sun shine - not burn.

Get UV protection from head to toe.

With our 50+ UPF swimwear, kids can play outside for 50x longer! 

Our swimsuits, rash guards, sun hats and water shoes will fully protect any covered skin from harmful UVA & UVB rays.

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Keeping the sun off little heads & necks

Our sunhats with UV 50+ protection let kids have fun in the sun longer, without icky, sticky lotions.

Neck, scalp and ears are the first to burn & our sun hats ensure no harmful rays come through.

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Sun Hats

More UPF 50+ coverage - less sunscreen

Swimwear Category - Long-Sleeved Swimwear

Keeping enough sunscreen on babies and young kids can be a real challenge during a beach or pool day.

With our long-sleeved swimwear for babies & toddlers, you don't have to worry about sunscreen head to toe.

With UPF 50+ swimwear, your child will be protected from the sun all day long!

Swimsuits & Trunks

Regular T-Shirts Don't Protect Skin from Burning

But our rash guards do

Our rash guards are great for playing in the water, backyard or playground!

They will protect kids from harmful UVA & UVB rays and are made with quick dry, moisture wicking and stretchy elastic materials!

Perfect for a hot, sunny day.

Featured in the picture is rash guard Joonia and matching shorts Nauru.

Swimwear Category - Rash Guards

Rash Guards

No more burnt feet

Summer Footwear - Sandals - Water shoes

Lean water shoes

When heading for the beach, lake or playing poolside, our water shoes are a great pick!

They're soft and flexible, with UV-protective material. The last thing a mom needs is a kid with burnt feet!

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From Plastic Bottles to Swimwear

Old Plastic Brings New Possibilities

Our SunProof swimwear is 83% regenerated polyester. It takes 2-4 large PET bottles to make our swimsuits. The more we can repurpose our plastic, the less it ends up in nature!

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NA Swimwear Image
NA Swimwear Image