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With Reimatec materials, our snowsuits are fully waterproof, breathable, and easy to care. Oftentimes, a quick wipe is all that's required to keep the garment clean. Less laundry needed.

Reima snowsuit sizes run big - with 2-3 inches of room to grow - which means your child should get more than one season out of their snowsuit.

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Our kids one-piece snowsuits are made for cold conditions

We know that getting your family some quality time in the great outdoors is important, especially for the youngest members of the family. That’s why we have designed a kids snowsuit collection that lets kids enjoy their favorite activities, no matter what the weather is like. These kids’ one-piece snowsuits are durable and warm, so your children can enjoy themselves in Canada’s frigid winter or any other climate they visit on their adventures.

The only thing worse than a child not having any fun is a child not having any fun because they're cold and uncomfortable. Our wide selection of kids snowsuits are designed to withstand Northern temperatures, meaning that children can brave the outdoors and not worry about the chill. All our youth one-piece snowsuits are waterproof, windproof, and breathable, so kids stay dry and comfortable all day, even in Canada. Sealed seams keep out any cold water or air that might get in. If you’re looking for a warm and waterproof children’s snowsuit or kids ski suit, look no further.

Warm children’s winter snowsuits full of practical and clever details

No matter whether you are searching boys' one-piece snowsuit or a girls ski suit, all of them include a lot of practical details which will keep your child safe and comfortable. When the cold weather is in full swing, dressing up should be easy and comfortable. Our snowsuit for kids features a lot of details that make them extra cozy. Elasticated cuffs fit over gloves and mittens to keep little hands warm. Detachable foot loops on most suits keep their legs warm and dry. Our warm and removable hoods have safe snap-on buttons for quick release.

Our wide selection of colors and patterns ensures that even the pickiest children find their favorite snowsuit. Layering up is important during winter. Make sure your kiddos keep warm under their winter suits during winter with thermal layers. You'll also want to bundle them up with winter hats, balaclavas, gloves, and winter boots for a winterproof outfit. If one piece snowsuit is not the best match for your kid, don't worry we have an excellent collection of kids winter jackets and kids snow pants

Why do we make the best snowsuits for kids?

The innovative Reimatec fabric we use is totally waterproof and breathable, which means your children can stay comfortable no matter what the weather.

All Reima kids' one-piece snowsuits come with insulated and removable hoods, they are not only warm and functional, but they are also safe. If one gets caught on something, it comes off easily.

  • We have over 75 years of experience of creating best outerwear for children
  • We use premium, responsibly and sustainably sourced materials
  • Our snowsuits are full of practical and clever details
  • Sealed seams and elasticated cuffs to keep the moisture out
  • Easy-care fabric can be machine washed and tumble dried

From our wide collection, you can also find toddler snowsuits, baby snowsuits or you can browse our all one-piece snowsuits.

Reima’s Green Promise

We care about the environment and know you do too. All our clothes and footwear are safe for both children and the environment. They are durable and can last from child to child, we use lot of recycled and organic materials and never use any harmful chemicals or fluorocarbons

When it's time to embrace the winter wonderland, ensure your little ones are ready for outdoor play with Reima Canada's premium collection of kids' snowsuits. Crafted with the utmost attention to detail and using advanced materials and technologies, our snowsuits are engineered to keep your child warm, dry, and comfortable in even the most extreme winter conditions.

Our collection features a diverse range of styles and designs to suit every preference and activity. From insulated one-piece snowsuits to versatile jacket and pants sets, each garment is thoughtfully designed to provide maximum warmth and protection without sacrificing mobility or style.

Constructed with durable and weather-resistant materials, our snowsuits feature waterproof and breathable membranes to keep snow and moisture out while allowing excess heat to escape, ensuring your child stays dry and comfortable during hours of outdoor play.

For added convenience and functionality, many of our snowsuits boast features such as adjustable cuffs, detachable hoods, and reinforced panels in high-wear areas, ensuring a perfect fit and long-lasting durability.

Not only are Reima snowsuits practical and functional, but they're also stylish and fun, with a variety of colors, patterns, and prints to choose from. Whether your child prefers bold and bright hues or classic and understated designs, there's a snowsuit to match their unique personality and style.

Shop Reima Canada's collection of kids' snowsuits today and ensure your little ones are equipped for endless winter adventures. Enjoy free shipping on orders over $100 and hassle-free returns for added peace of mind. Invest in quality winter apparel from Reima and make every snowy day unforgettable.