Reima Quality for Adults

Favorite kids jackets, now in adult sizes.

Our matching jackets are made for twinning!

Meet our new unisex adult jackets that are just like two of our most-loved styles, Naapuri & Kulkija, only bigger.

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NA Mini Me - Granne & Naapuri

Sustainable design

The Granne winter jacket is built to last — classic design and with maximum performance and comfort in mind.

It’s toasty warm, fully waterproof, contains recycled fibers, and is designed to keep you covered on any winter day.

Pair with matching kids Parka, Naapuri, for all your winter adventures!

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Mono-Material = Fully Recyclable Clothing

Most apparel is made of several materials, making it impossible to recycle them - however, both Innostus & Kulkija are made of our special Mono-Material fabric - which is made up of only one recyclable material.

This means they can be 100% recycled into something new – again and again and again.

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NA Mini Me - Innostus & Kulkija - 2