Mono-Material Clothing

Our mono-material products are made from just one material, which means they can be 100% recycled into something new – again and again, and again.

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Monomaterial - what is it

Mono-material, what does it mean?

Usually, clothes are made from many different materials and are therefore less valuable as raw material in recycling. Reima has changed this by developing mono-material products, for easier recycling. Buyers can register the garments at to follow their journey onward to new owners. Finally, when they are no longer usable, Reima takes them back to be recycled into something else.

How Reima Uses Recycling to Meet Sustainability Goals

See our write-up on, which talks about how brands, like Reima, do more to help save our planet. From the article – Finnish childrenswear brand Reima has designed the Kulkija winter jacket to be 100% recycled. It is made from a mono-material making it easily recycled, so when it is finally worn out it can be sent back to Reima to be recycled back to polymers and made into new products.

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Monomaterial - recycle with Reima

Recycle with Reima

Reima takes on recycling and reusing in several ways. While Reima chooses and develops new eco-friendly materials, it’s equally important how the design choices support consumers’ own actions. One way to promote recycling is Reima’s mono-material products that can easily be recycled into something new, and another one is polyester made from recycled PET bottles. In Reima’s new mono-material collection, both principles apply. Reima’s weatherproof mono-material outerwear and soft warmers all contain recycled fibers, and they are 100% easily recyclable. The Spring jackets, Winter jackets, and pants are made water-repellent without fluorocarbons, just like all other Reima water-repellent outerwear.