Outdoor School Gear

There's no bad weather - just bad gear.

Shop gear that will keep your kids learning and playing outdoors all day long.

Layer 1: Base Layers

Outdoor School Gear - Base Layers

Base layers are meant to be worn next to the skin, to wick away moisture and keep the body warm.

Wool is a great material for a base layer. It is very warm, wicks away sweat and has anti-microbial properties to keep any stink away!

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Layer 2: Mid Layers

Mid layers provide insulation and warmth. They're important for very cold days.

Fleece jackets are great mid layers!

Outdoor School gear - Mid Layers

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Layer 3: Outer Layer (for cold, snowy winters)

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Reima outer layers have more insulation than other brands and up to 10000 mm waterproofing - keeping your kids drier and warmer longer.

For cold, snowy climates we recommend a snowsuit or a winter jacket and snow pants.

(For warmer climates keep scrolling down)

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Layer 3: Outer Layer (for warmer climates)

In regions with warmer winters, such as in the southern states, snow gear may not be needed.

Instead, opt for rain jackets, one-piece suits, and rainwear.

Outdoor School Gear - Outer Layer - Warmer Climates


At Reima we have boots and sneakers for play in all weather.

Shop winter boots for snowy weather, rain boots for spring and fall and sneakers for everything in between!

Outdoor School Gear - Footwear - Image

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Outdoor School Gear - Accessories - Image

Don't forget about accessories!

From head to toe, Reima has accessories for all seasons, to keep your kids happy and comfortable outdoors.

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