Outdoor School Gear

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For outdoor adventures in all weather

There's no bad weather - just bad gear.

Shop gear that will keep your kids learning and playing outdoors all day long.


Rain gear checklist

For all-day rainy play, we recommend our 100% waterproof rain gear.

Shop our buttery soft, rubber rain gear. Great for year-round use, it won't make kids too hot in the spring or harden in cold fall and winter temperatures.

  • Rain pants or one-piece rain suit

  • Rain jacket

  • Rain boots

  • Rain hat & mittens

Shop rain gear

Reimatec gear checklist

Reimatec is designed for all-weather, year-round wear. It features breathable fabric so kids won't get sweaty, 100% waterproofing for wet days, and durability that will last year after year.

We recommend the following for outdoor school.

  • Reimatec jacket

  • Reimatec outdoor pants

  • Reimatec outdoor jumpsuit

  • Reimatec waterproof shoes

Outdoor School Gear - Warm Weather - Reimatec

Shop waterproof reimatec gear

Reimatec waterproof shoes

For all-day adventures, our Reimatec waterproof shoes are a clear winner!

Not every day calls for rubber rain boots, when weather is unpredictable, opt for these shoes and never worry about soggy socks again.

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Reimatec outdoor jumpsuits

Waterproof, dirt-repellent breathable and durable for even the most rough and tumble play!

Our Reimatec outdoor jumpsuits are a must-have for outdoor school.

When full rain gear isn't needed, these one-piece suits will keep kids from getting wet knees or dirty sleeves.

Outdoor School Gear - Warm Weather - Outdoor jumpsuits
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Reimatec Outdoor Pants

Our outdoor pants are great for everyday wear during outdoor school days. They have all the benefits of Reimatec, in a durable, comfy pant.

They keep legs from getting wet and cold, and are durable enough to last even the most adventurous kids!