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Celebrating 80 years of kids

We’ve been championing kids being kids for 80 incredible years. Designing durable and practical weatherproof gear is what we know best. In short, gear that let kids play more and parents stress less. That's worth celebrating!

All-time favorites

Celebrate 80 years of fun! Our most-loved products aren't just clothes; they're the heart of lasting adventures, wanted by parents and worn by generations of kids. Unleash the joy, one iconic piece at a time!

NA Reima Jubilee 80 Years - All time favorites

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NA Reima Jubilee 80 Years - Spring-weather ready!

Spring-weather ready!

Spring showers or sudden sunshine? We packed our new collection with weatherproof outerwear options to ensure your kid stays comfy, dry, and ready for anything.

Hard working style, made to last

We've been fueling kids’ adventures since 1944, with gear designed to withstand their boundless energy. But we don't stop at durability; in our 2024 collection, over 90% of our styles use more sustainable materials, including recycled and organic fabrics.

Tougher gear isn't just better for your kids; it's better for our shared future.

NA Reima Jubilee 80 Years - Hard working style, made to last
NA Reima Jubilee 80 Years