Sustainability - active childhood

Active Childhood

We’ve spent more than 75 years finetuning our products to enable kids to play and explore their surroundings freely. Our Finnish outdoor know-how inspires us to spread the message of an active childhood, because the love and respect for nature is best planted in children.

Sustainability - active & carefree play

Ensuring safe and carefree play since 1944

Enabling active hobbies for kids in Finland

The philosophy behind our products

It’s simple: we want to give every kid an active childhood and help families to make the most of their time with kids. That’s why our products enable kids to move freely in any weather and learn by doing.

We know it’s the small details that make the biggest difference. We’ve been on this path of a better future since 1944 and continue to promote the Nordic ideal of an active childhood.

Sustainability - product philosophy
Sustainability - kids hobbies

Raising funds for kids’ hobbies with the Olympic Committee

In August of 2021, Reima donated 4 Euros for every pair of shoes bought in Finland, a total of €20,000, to Lasten Liike, the Finnish Olympic Committee’s campaign to provide sporting opportunities for kids from all backgrounds.

Sports hobbies are proven to improve mental and physical health as well as social relations, but they can be pricey. We believe that all kids should have access to the hobbies they love without needing to worry about the cost. Reima is one of the founding partners of Lasten Liike and has been a regular sponsor ever since.

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