Materials & Innovations

Our goal is to protect our children and their future. We opt for sustainable materials that are the best fit for purpose. This helps us minimize waste and the environmental footprint of our apparel.

Sustainability - our goals 2023

Our Goals for 2023

100% of our cotton is certified organic

100% of winter clothing wadding comes from recycled polyester

50% of our polyester fabrics are at least 50% recycled

100% RWS certified wool

Keeping synthetic materials in the loop

We are systematically increasing the use of recycled fibers. Recycled polyester has a significantly smaller carbon footprint than virgin polyester – making it a preferred choice for our kids’ future! Starting from our autumn/winter 2022 collection, all the synthetic wadding in our winter gear is 100% recycled.

Sustainability - synthetic materials
Sustainability - organic cotton

Organic and certified cotton

With natural fibers, such as cotton, we prefer organic. In 2022, already 97% of the cotton used in our clothes and accessories is certified organic. By 2023, we aim to have 100% certified organic cotton.

More sustainable materials

In addition to recycled and organic fabrics, we offer other sustainable materials, such as sustainable wood-based materials, responsible wool and down, bluesign® approved fabrics, and easily recyclable clothing. The share of sustainable styles is 80% in 2022.

Sustainability - more sustainable materials
Sustainability - animal rights

Animal rights & certificates

Kids love animals and would never hurt them, so it only makes sense that we should protect them from harm. We never use real fur. All the down we use is Responsible Down Standard (RDS) certified, to ensure the humane treatment of ducks and geese. RDS also ensures that all down is the byproduct of food production.

We only use mulesing-free wool, and we are also increasingly using Responsible Wool Standard (RWS) certified wool – to ensure the welfare of the sheep as well as the land they graze on.

We only use genuine leather in footwear when it is functionally the best choice for the style. Any leather we use is certified to be a byproduct of food production and treated and dyed in an environmentally friendly manner.

Sustainability - animal rights2
Sustainability - packaging

Sustainable packaging

We strive to reduce the environmental impact of our packaging. Over 50% of the cardboard we use for shipping is recycled. We’ve stopped using plastic bags in all our stores. All Reima shops now use bags made of either recycled or FSC certified paper.

Protecting the treasures

We sometimes get questions about why our online store products are delivered wrapped in plastic. The plastic polybag and accompanying moisture-capture slips protect the clothing from moulding and other damage all the way from the factory to the warehouse and to you. If we removed the polybags, it would result in more unusable products, which would be a much bigger environmental waste than the polybags themselves.

Sustainability - protecting