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Designed For Long Life: Repair, Reuse, Recycle

In kids’ clothing, durability is the key to sustainability. By making sure our fabrics and products are fit for purpose – to help kids enjoy the outdoors and an active life to the fullest – we help reduce the waste that would come from buying new clothing because of wear and tear. Our products are durable and can be used by several kids.

sustainability - quality products

Quality you can pass on from a kid to another and some more.

Versatile design – less clothes, more ways to use them

Repair Kit for fast and easy fixing

Always easy-care = Less washing for a smaller ecological footprint

Made for adventure

Durability is one of the most important ways of saving natural resources. But how can you tell if the fabric is strong and will last? We rely on the Martindale test, mechanically rubbing every one of our fabrics with sandpaper, to ensure they’re fit for even rough play.

Sustainability - made for adventure

Our minimum Martindale requirement for all jackets is 15,000 rubs and for kids’ pants and overalls the minimum is 30,000 rubs. So, in theory, you could slide down a dirt path on your butt at least 30,000 times before the fabric gave in. That’s some tough love, but Reima pants could take it!

Take care of your treasures

Our products are designed to be easy-care: Reima outdoor clothing is dirt-repellent so it can be wiped or rinsed clean rather than washed after every use. Washing rubs the fabrics and hard parts like snap buttons, making them look worn quicker, and slowly decreases the effectiveness of finishes. Some of our shoes are machine-washable, too.

Sustainability - take care of treasures

Repair Kit for easy fixing

When kids do what they do best – discover the world through adventure – wear and tear is bound to happen. That’s why we offer the Repair Kit with tools and instructions for fixing the most common wear and tear. The kit lets you mend holes in any waterproof outerwear easily without sewing and contains other spare parts.

Innovating for recyclability

Textiles are a huge waste issue, because even a simple t-shirt might have too many mixed fibers and prints to be recyclable. Performance wear is even more problematic due to the structures and finishings that make the clothing so useful in the first place.

sustainability- innovating sustainability
Sustainability - innovating recyclability

We're first in the world to introduce children's outdoor clothing made from only one material. They’re made to be used by several kids, and then handed back to Reima for recycling, so they can be made into new products. That’s what we call closing the loop.