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Our UV protective Xylitol Cool Activewear collection is made to keep kids cool as they run, jump, score, and more. The cooling effect comes from Xylitol - a natural sweetener commonly used in gum and sweets. Our Xylitol Cool activewear lowers skin temperature by 1-3 degrees by absorbing the heat off kids’ skin as they sweat.

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Here’s What Makes Reima’s Xylitol Cool so cool

Xylitol Cool gets its name and its cooling effect from xylitol, which is a naturally-occurring sweetener found in certain fruits, vegetables and plants. Originally developed in Finland from birch trees, xylitol has been used as a sugar substitute for food and chewing gum for decades. It has the sweet taste of sugar without the downers—in fact, research suggests it has 40% less calories, helps to fight against bacteria, and might even be good for our teeth.

These days, xylitol’s benefits aren’t limited to snacks. Together with a similar natural substance called erythritol, xylitol can be transformed into an environmentally-friendly, non-toxic heat-beating fabric finish. The finish is applied to summer clothing like T-shirts, making summer’s soaring temperatures a breeze.