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No Nordic childhood would be complete without the excitement and wonder of the Moomins. Learn all about the Moomins and Reima’s full line of products for your little one!

One can’t truly understand Finnish and Swedish culture without paying tribute to The Moomins. Held to renown akin to Winnie the Pooh, Moomins are a permanent installation with worldwide pop culture, especially for those who appreciate children’s novels. Despite their worldwide fame, there are still common misconceptions about these cherished fairy tale creatures. What is a Moomin and where did they come from? Why are they beloved around the world and why does Reima seek to embrace their artistry?

In this article, we’ll learn all about The Moomins and their place within children’s literature and pop culture around the world. We’ll also explore Reima’s Moomin collection and the many Reima products that embrace Moomin artwork and style. With this helpful guide, you’ll learn all about the Moomins and Reima’s full line of products for your little one!

The Moomins are fictional characters within a collection of nine books created by Finnish author Tove Janssen in 1945. They’re a happy family of round and white trolls with enormous snouts, giving them a strong resemblance to a hippopotamus. The Moomin family and friends reside in Moominhouse in Moominvalley and go on many adventures with one another to far-off lands.

Moominvalley is an idyllic natural beauty, and the characters live in perfect harmony with their environment welcoming any and all new friends along the way. The largest structure in Moominvalley is Moominhouse, with a lengthy rotation of occupants and visitors throughout Moonin tales. The land is adorned with gorgeous flora and a majestic river that runs through on its way to the sea from the mountains nearby. Characters appreciate their natural home and provide a wonderful model of respecting the environment around them.

The Moomins love nature, the sea, the beach, and setting off on the next great adventure. The Moomins were beloved instantly, with numerous comics, tv series, and films created by Moomin-lovers all over the world telling the many tales of their adventures. Their popularity can be understood instantly, with their adorable stature and exciting quests, they’re hard to not instantly love.

The popularity of the Moomins is pretty easy to understand, the themes The characters in the Moomin tales all appreciate exploration and peace within nature, all values that Reima enthusiastically echoes within our mission to create quality rain gear and durable children’s apparel.

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The Reima Baby Kit Inspired by Moomin

Reima’s Moomin-inspired Baby Kit is the perfect addition to any newborn’s nursery. Whimsically designed with Moomin illustrations, these 17 gender-neutral infant essentials will provide your new baby with everything they need. Enjoy fun colors and nostalgic artistry while ensuring your baby is wearing the best of the best and properly prepared for their own little adventures.

The Moomin Baby Kit includes an adorable reversible onesie, soft wool cardigan, joggers, blankets, leggings, and soft organic socks. A perfect childhood lesson and delightful story of adventure and love, The Moomins will be a token of nostalgia. Delight your baby with the wonders of The Moomin family with this all-inclusive baby kit.

The Full Moomin Collection from Reima

Reima is proud to offer an entire collection of Moomin-themes apparel and products designed to keep your child warm and comfortable on their special quests and exciting adventures. Expertly crafted with durability and breathability in mind, all Moomin-inspired Reima products boast high-quality fabrics and materials. Whether you’re looking for the best winter jacket for adventures outdoors or cozy cotton onesies for snuggling up with our own Moomin-like families indoors, Reima has what you need. Available in nine different countries, Reima’s Moomin-inspired collection of infant and toddler essentials will be an instant hit among little ones.

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The Moomins stories represent love for nature, an appreciation of our environment, and the importance of spending time with loved ones outdoors. The main obstacle for the Moomin characters is accepting whatever nature brings them, something that resonates with Reima’s mission. Reima’s selection of clothing for babies, toddlers, and children is perfect for enjoying time spent with friends old and new outdoors. With everything from cozy joggers to infant essentials, Reima has what you need.

No Nordic childhood would be complete without the excitement and wonder of the Moomins. Just like the Moomins , Reima is committed to appreciating the environment around us, respecting the earth with eco-conscious production processes and eco-friendly materials. Elevate your child’s wardrobe with weather-resistant rain gear made with recyclable materials or help them warm up with durable wool socks.

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