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Winter Clothes for Kids: A Buyer's Guide

Winter is fast approaching, do you know how to dress your child?

Once the temperatures begin to drop and skies become snowy, it’s office: Winter is here. While winter might compel some to flock indoors, kids and parents alike can find amazing experiences outside their door during wintertime. From snowball fights to skiing trips, kids are bound to spend time outside during winter to take advantage of the many indulgences the season brings. While it’s important for kids to always dress according to the weather, it’s never more important than during the cold winter months when temperatures plummet.

In this article, we’ll explore some of the best winter clothes for kids, as well as some general tips for spending time outdoors during cold weather. By properly anticipating the elements and dressing accordingly, winter can be one of the most exciting times of the year.

Why Kids Winter Wear is More Important Than You Think

Kids tend to be bundles of energy, and winter weather conditions can often pose unique challenges when choosing winter clothes for kids . Since kids will likely be spending extended amounts of time outdoors, it’s important to cover all bases and ensure kids are wearing the appropriate outerwear for the occasion. From anticipating the snow to ensuring their hands and feet are dry and warm throughout the day, there are quite a few things that factor into making sure a child is prepared to spend time outside during the winter.

As a general rule for people of all ages, the key to dressing appropriately for winter is in layers. By adequately layering and being mindful regarding the materials of each garment, you can feel rest assured that your child is wearing the appropriate clothes for cold weather.

Materials Matter with Winter Clothing

More than any other time of year, when shopping for winter clothes for kids you should always pay attention to the materials and fabrics used. When anticipating especially cold temperatures, there are a few characteristics you should seek. Fabrics must be made with durable materials to not get torn or damaged with frequent use and to ensure the lifespan of the garment will last a few seasons. It’s also a good idea to purchase winter clothes that are waterproof or weather-resistant to keep kids both warm and dry throughout their day.

While weather-resistant and durable fabrics are very important, it’s also highly suggested for winter gear to be breathable as well. When dressing your child for winter weather it’s important to know that by locking warmth without breathable materials kids can easily become overheated. By choosing breathable fabrics you can more easily find the happy medium of appropriate warmth. At Reima, we develop outerwear with a variety of waterproof , breathable, and durable materials, with each garment being remarkably simple to care for as well.

Kids Winter Clothing from Reima

Reima has an extensive selection of kids’ winter clothing that is weather-resistant and great for base layers, middle layers, and outer weather protection.

Kids Winter Base Layers

Kids Winter Base Layers

Overview: Base layers are the foundation of the perfect winter outfit, and Reima’s collection of base layers are made with quality fabrics and cotton and wool materials to ensure optimal warmth and comfort. From thermal underwear to cotton wool onesies, kids will love these additions to their winter rotation.

Known For:

  • Providing the foundation of the rest of the outfit

  • Most form-fitting layer, designed to fight off sweat

  • Breathable and comfortable materials.

Kids Winter Jackets

Overview: Reima’s kids’ winter jackets allow kids to dare to be bold and seize any cold-weather day. Reima’s selection of boys’ and girls’ coats and summer jackets are a soon-to-be favorite and cherished wardrobe staple. Find kids’ jackets for all-weather conditions at Reima.

Known For:

  • Lightweight yet breathable fabrics

  • Designed to provide insulation

  • Creates the perfect middle layer for winter weather

  • Great for warmer winter days

Kids Winter Jackets

Kids Winter Accessories

Kids Winter Accessories

Kids Winter Accessories

Overview: Great for the most curious of little ones that prefer to reach for the winter sky, Reima’s gloves and other winter accessories are a beloved winter staple. They are perfect for the freezing winter temperatures when you need additional reassurance children will stay warm while outdoors. When shopping for children’s winter clothing, don’t neglect the value of quality all winter accessories including neckwarmers, balaclavas, beanies, and socks.

Known For:

  • Breathable fabrics that provide ample mobility

  • Windproof and water repellent materials

  • Soft fleece lining available in multiple styles

  • Beanies & Balaclavas keep the neck, ears, and face warm when cold

  • Neck warmers are designed to provide heat, perfect on their own or under a scarf

  • Great for snow days and long periods spent outside

Snowsuits for Kids

Snowsuits for Kids

Snowsuits for Kids

Overview: Reima’s winter overalls are perfect for long days spent in snowy terrains when kids are expected to be active outdoors. Made with durable fabrics that can withstand sub zero temperatures, Reima snowsuits are the perfect outer layer when choosing your children’s winter clothing.Known For:

  • Provide the highest level of protection against cold weather conditions

  • Breathable and insulating materials

  • Detachable hood

  • Waterproof seams

Snow Pants and Snow Bibs for Kids

Snow Pants and Snow Bibs for Kids

Overview: Reima’s snow pants allow you to equip your child for an active winter day. With adjustable and detachable elastic suspenders, these snow pants pair with countless other winter children’s clothing items from Reima.

Known For:

  • Wind and waterproof materials

  • Breathable fabrics designed with activity in mind

  • Free from harmful chemicals

Find More Kids Winter Clothing with Reima

Reima seeks to simplify shopping for sustainable and quality-made winter clothes for kids. Our little ones should be able to experience everything the winter months have to offer, and with our helpful buyer’s guide, you can take the first step toward elevating your child’s winter wardrobe. Transform the way your child experiences the great outdoors by exploring Reima’s full collection today.