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Versatile & Functional Gear for Kids

Whether you're out for a sunny city stroll, splashing through puddles in a Fall rainstorm, or need protection against the chilly wind, we've got your back. We believe that all weather is good weather with the right gear, and we make it easy to support an active outdoor lifestyle for your family. Our new fall collection features:

- Warm coffee bean sweatshirts with recycled fibers that feel as soft as a second skin

- Fluffy fleece and hoodies for ultimate warmth and comfort

- Softshell gear for tackling changing weather

- Water & dirt repellent Reimatec outerwear for sunny and rainy days

- Upgraded Reimatec shoes for optimal healthy foot growth

And for extra flair, be sure to check out our new bucket hats and gloves!

Are you ready?

Let's welcome the changing season with open arms!

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Empower Kids' Healthy Growth

We are the trusted companion for kids' healthy growth. With Reima, children's muscles and bones can strengthen and grow healthily.

This fall, we bring you our upgraded Reimatec shoes which offer high flexibility and excellent grip to empower natural movement, promoting proper foot development. Plus, our innovative Happy Fit system provides an additional 1.5 cm (~0.59 inch) for freedom of growth.

Our Top Pick

Shop our Reimatec Waterproof Shoes - Wetter, which is upgraded to be even more comfortable and more flexible.

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Reimatec Breathable Protection - Built for Any Weather

Our remarkable Reimatec and softshell jackets are engineered to withstand different elements with our dust-proof and water-repellent technology to keep fresh and clean all the time. Kids can always experience ultimate protection from rain showers and all kinds of weather! From outdoor adventures to city strolls, Reima jackets are built to keep up with your active lifestyle.

Our Top Pick

Introducing the Reimatec Waterproof Shell Jacket - Suojala: high-tech protection for rain or shine! It combines breathability, windproofing, and waterproofing to keep kids comfortable in any weather.

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Save Laundry, Money & Environment

Reima's pants are always designed for comfort and durability. The cut of stretchy pants is just right for jumping, running and rolling action while keeping indoor clothing clean and protected. What's more? They are made of recycled materials with a fluorocarbon-free dirt repellent finish that reduces the need for laundry. With quality construction built to last, Reima pants can even be passed down to younger siblings!

Such a great deal for parents!

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Tired of laudering? You will love our Water-Repellent Outdoor Pants - Hypytys!

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Hassle-Free Solution

Reima rainwear is a relief for parents: it needs less washing, which is also great for our planet’s precious resources. The garments are cut ample enough to be worn on top of all other gear. They protect against rain and dirt with watertight, welded seams and a waterproof, non-toxic coating that remains flexible in winter frosts, too.

Our Top Pick

Must check out our amphibian-inspired Lightweight Rain Boots - Amfibi, available in multiple stunning colors to brighten up any rainy day!

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Cuddly Versatility

Imagine the softest and fluffiest hoodie you can ever dream of. This fall, we bring them to your kids. Designed to accompany kids on their schoolyard adventures and beyond, our new fleece and hoodies offer the best of both urban and outdoor aesthetics.

Our Top Pick

Our best seller Sherpa Fleece Anorak - Turkikas is back, with two fresh colors that make a statement and ignite the imagination

Welcome our new furry friend Fur Fleece Jacket - Samota with additional water-repellent fabric to help kids stay warm and dry

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Tune Your Look

Introducing our exciting new collection of accessories, designed to take your kids' outdoor style to the next level. With our range of fashionable items, they can enjoy head-to-toe comfort and unrivaled functionality. New school year is coming, don't miss out on adding that extra touch of charm and functionality to their back-to-school wardrobe.

Our Top Pick

Introducing our warm and super soft faux fur Sherpa Fleece Bucket Hat - Piletys, with the brand new inspiring forest design prints!

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Ultimate Comfort

Reima's shirts always provide skin-level niceness and moisture control, ensuring optimal thermal comfort for kids. Once they experience the cozy feel, they will never want to take them off!

Our Top Pick

Don't blend in, be colorful: Bamboo & Merino Wool Long Sleeve Shirt - Viisas with the vibrant forest prints

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Designed in Finland, Fall For Forests🌲

Design inspiration of the new fall collection

A forest. The woods. Wilderness. To some people, these words can mean danger and mystery. To us Finns, they mean home, livelihood and shelter.

In the forest, children learn valuable lessons of coexistence with wildlife, fostering a deep respect for nature's abundance and the responsibility to preserve it.

This autumn, we invite you to experience the enchantment of the wilderness with us. Reima gear lets kids take a souvenir of the woods to the city, in the form of nature-inspired prints and rich fall colors - such enjoyable bounty.