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Layering 1+2+3

1. The base layer that manages moisture and is comfortable all day long. Wool or Thermolite is a great choice here.

2. The warm mid layer - Fluffy fleece and warm wool are great choices here.

3. The windproof, waterproof & breathable top layer is the best rule of thumb for all-day outdoor play. Our jackets and ski gear check these boxes.


Layers 1 & 2: Base & mid layers

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Stay warm & dry this winter

Whether you're spending all day outdoors, or simply running to the store - base and mid layers are the key to staying warm!

Base layers wick away moisture and keep the heat close to the body, while mid layers help trap any lost heat in and keep the winter cold out.

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Layer 3: Outer Layers

Our outer layers come in one-pieces, such as snowsuits & ski suits and two-pieces such as jackets & snow pants.

All are extremely warm, durable and breathable so kids stay warm and dry, but not sweaty.

One-Piece Outer Layer: Snowsuits & Ski Suits

Winter Category - Outer Layers - Snowsuits

Award winning snowsuits 🏆

Our snowsuits have won multiple awards for their high-quality design, durable materials and small details that keep kids warm and dry all day long.

Our snowsuits come in sizes up to 10 years while our Ski suits fit up to 14 years.

Snowsuits & Ski Suits

Room to grow - saving you money


One snowsuit, years of use, countless happy memories

No need to buy again next year.

As demonstrated in the image, all Reima snowsuits provide about 2-3 inches of room for growth.

This means your child should get a couple of seasons out of their snowsuit, and you won't have to rebuy each year.

Two-Piece Outer Layers: Jackets & Snow Pants

Our two-piece outerwear is perfect for all-day winter adventures, or simply going shopping in slushy snow. Pull on a warm, insulated jacket and waterproof snow pants and you're good to go!

Winter Category - Two Piece Outerwear - Insulated Jackets & Snow pants

Jackets & Snow Pants

Our winter jackets come with either warm, recycled polyester insulation, or fluffy down insulation.

Our snow and ski pants also feature recycled polyester insulation to keep kids warm without the bulk.

Insulated winter jackets

Snow Pants & Ski Bibs

Give the gift of adventure this year!

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Reima Ski Shop

Downhill. Again. And then once more.

In waterproof, breathable gear - worn in layers using moisture-wicking materials - kids can keep going all day long.

Winter Accessories

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Snow is precious

Let's save our snow by reducing carbon emissions.

Apart from offsetting Reima's own carbon emissions starting from 2020, we work toward replacing the consumption of fast fashion with sustainably designed clothing durable enough to be passed down from kid to kid - and full of recycled fibers!