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As parents, we know that keeping kids warm, dry, and comfortable on the slopes is essential for a successful day of skiing or snowboarding. Reima's collection of kids ski and snowboard gear is designed to do just that. Shop high performing outerwear and winter accessories for all day winter fun!

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Prepare your young skiers for the slopes with Reima Canada's exceptional range of ski jackets, pants, and accessories. Engineered to withstand the coldest temperatures and harshest conditions, our winter sports gear combines cutting-edge technology with stylish design, ensuring your child stays warm, dry, and comfortable while conquering the mountain.

Our collection features a variety of ski jackets crafted with high-performance materials and innovative insulation to provide superior warmth and protection. From lightweight and breathable options for milder days to insulated parkas for extreme cold, each jacket is designed to optimize performance and mobility on the slopes.

Pair our ski jackets with our waterproof and windproof pants for complete protection against snow and moisture. Seam-sealed construction and durable water-repellent coatings ensure your child stays dry and comfortable all day long, allowing them to focus on perfecting their turns and jumps without distraction.

In addition to jackets and pants, Reima Canada offers a selection of essential accessories to complete your child's skiing ensemble. From thermal base layers to moisture-wicking socks and insulated gloves, our accessories are designed to keep your little ones warm and comfortable from head to toe.

Not only are Reima ski jackets, pants, and accessories practical and functional, but they're also stylish and versatile, with a range of colors and designs to suit every taste and preference. Whether your child prefers bold and vibrant hues or classic and understated styles, there's something for everyone in our collection.

Shop Reima Canada's ski jackets, pants, and accessories today and equip your child for a season of thrilling skiing adventures. Enjoy free shipping on orders over $100 and hassle-free returns for added convenience. Invest in quality winter sports gear from Reima and make every run down the mountain unforgettable.