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Layering with thermal underwear and wool fleece jackets

Wool is the ideal material for kids in arctic conditions. It has superb thermal control properties and will keep kids warm even when wet. Wool is light and gives lots of warmth without excess bulk, which is key when you need to layer kids up for activities.

For maximum warmth, use wool in both baselayers and mid-layers . The fine merino wool in Reima layers is soft and skin-friendly. All Reima wool is mulesing-free, and most wool qualities are Responsible Wool Standard certified to protect the sheep and the land they graze.

What to Wear Skiing or Snowboarding

Introducing your children to the ski slopes is an incredibly proud, exciting, and nerve-wracking, moment in any parent’s life. But there’s one sure-fire way to turn them off skiing for life early on; being cold and wet. Keeping them comfortable, snug and safe with the right clothing means they can concentrate on having fun.

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