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It’s Ski & Snowboard Season

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Keeping winters cold & snow clean 🌍

Designed with the environment in mind.

All our ski styles include recycled materials, because there is no reason to produce new, when you can give materials a second life.

Durability is an important part of our outerwear - because durable is sustainable, and we don't believe in fast fashion.

Layer up for all-day snowy play

1. The base layer that manages moisture and is comfortable all day long. Wool or Thermolite is a great choice here.

2. The warm mid layer - Fluffy fleece and warm wool are great choices here.

3. The windproof, waterproof & breathable top layer is the best rule of thumb for all-day outdoor play. Our jackets and ski gear check these boxes.


Layer 1: Base Layers

Warm, moisture-managing base layers for cold days

Staying warm in winter starts with the base layer. The function is to keep the skin dry even when sweating.

Materials matter

Wool or Man Made?

Wool base layers: are the warmest, and great for being outdoors for extended periods of time. Taitoa and Taival are great wool options!

Man-made materials are great for sports. The man-made materials we use are polyester/Thermolite® or Tencel®. Sportti and Lani are great options for very active outdoor play!

Wool blends are the best of both worlds. They're great for active play in cold weather. Kinsei is our favorite wool blend!

Ski Category - Base Layers - Wool or Man Made?

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Layer 2: Mid Layers

Keep the warmth in and cold out

The job of a mid layer is to trap any heat lost from the base layer and insulate the body.

It goes between the base layer and the outer layer, such as a waterproof jacket or snowsuit.

Fleece and wool are great materials for mid layers!

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Layer 3: Outer Layer

Waterproof, yet breathable jackets, ski suits/snowsuits and ski pants & bibs will ensure kids stay dry and warm all day long.

Outer layers

✨ Product Spotlight: Tirro Ski Jacket ✨


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✨ Product Spotlight: Patonvia Ski Suit ✨

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Winter accessories

Ski Category - Good for kids - Great for the Planet
Ski Category - Good for kids - Great for the Planet