10 Fun Things to Do Outside in the Rain for Kids

It’s not always a bad thing when it rains on your parade! Everyone enjoys fun in the sun, but there’s plenty of joy to be had outdoors when it pours!

If you’re struggling to come up with some ideas, fear not. Reima has you covered with a list of 10 fun, rainy day outdoor activities. Grab your raincoats and boots, and be prepared to have a blast with your kids despite a little drizzle!

10 Rainy Day Outdoor Activities

The best part about our list of activities is that most of them don’t need special equipment or supplies. With the proper gear, you won’t even notice the weather! Instead, you’ll be focused on the great outdoors with your kids.

1. Go On a Rainy Hike

Going on a hike in the rain can be a completely different experience than one on a warm, sunny day. You’ll get to hear the unique sound of rainfall hitting the leaves and wind rustle through the branches.

For obvious safety purposes, make sure you choose a trail that is relatively flat as to avoid slipping! And because your family will need appropriate clothing for protection on the trails, we recommend checking out our kids raincoats and rain pants .

2. Jump in Puddles

Every now and then, it’s fun to bend the social rules and do something you know is typically frowned upon. Let your kids' curiosity run wild and jump in some puddles. Although it’s fun to be a free spirit and make a mess, there are some key teaching opportunities here as well:

  • Encourages physical exercise

  • Teaches advanced motor skills like jumping and stomping

  • Allow them to measure puddle size and let them critically think through the decision making process and consequences

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3. Save Earthworms

When it rains, earthworms instinctively come to the surface in order to take in more oxygen. Unfortunately, if they don’t make it back to their homes and it gets too dry and sunny, the worms might not be able to survive. Give your kid a chance to be a hero and have them save the earthworms! It’s a great chance to teach empathy and expose your child to wildlife (even if you aren’t the biggest fan of the creepy crawlies).

4. Catch Raindrops on Your Tongue

Don’t think too hard about this one! Sometimes the greatest source of joy is also the simplest. Show your child that they can have fun anywhere, at any time. Make it a competition and see how many they can catch in a minute!

5. Make Mudpies

With the mud soft from the rain, it becomes easy to grab and manipulate. Have the little ones create a fun piece of art! Decorate their masterpiece with other materials found outside such as sticks, rocks, and leaves.

6. Race Leaves down Gutters or Creeks

Get crafty and build a leaf boat that you can race down a stream. It doesn’t have to be complicated, it just has to float!

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7. Paint with Mud

Mud is your paint, a stick is your brush, and the world is your canvas. Make a temporary Picasso with your child and watch the rain clean it up.

8. Collect and Measure Rainwater

This is a fun way to introduce your child to basic science. Grab a measuring cup or fasten a ruler to any container and leave it out in the rain. You can keep a notebook and track the total rainfall each day. It is a simple setup for your kid’s first science project!

9. Watch the Clouds

There is something incredibly peaceful about watching the clouds roll by. For all of human history, we’ve been amazed by their beauty and love to pick out shapes and observe their movement. Take a moment to unplug and simply look up!

10. Take Pictures in the Rain

Capture your rainy day so you can look back at the fond memories. Rain tends to naturally bring out artistic qualities in photos. So whether you are shooting portraits with your family or simply taking photos of the wet nature around you, photography is an awesome outdoor rainy activity. Make sure you are using a waterproof camera so you don’t have to worry about ruining any electronics.

Gear Up for the Rain with Reima!

As you can see, a little rain is no excuse to miss out on quality time with your family. All you need is a positive attitude, some imagination, and Reima’s outdoor rain gear! Check out our kids rain gear and toddlers rainwear and get splashing without worries!