Summer Camp '24

Kids summer camp essentials for any weather.

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With summer camp just around the corner, ensure you've got the gear to fill up that duffel bag!

Our lightweight clothes and shoes are made to keep kids comfy and protected, on and off trail; while UPF 50+ clothing and swimwear keep kids protected all day.

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Let the sun shine - not burn

Let the sun shine, not burn

When the day calls for swimming, it can be hard for little campers to keep sunscreen on.

Our swimwear has 50+ UPF protection, so kids are protected from the sun's harmful rays.


Xylitol cooling activewear

Our Xylitol Cool clothing uses Xylitol in the material, a natural sweetener from Finnish Birch trees.

It has a cooling effect like peppermint, so when used in clothing, it can cool down a child's body temperature by 2–5 degrees Fahrenheit!

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NA Summer Category Page - UPF 50+ Apparel

Sun-proof your child

When the day calls for sunny play, protect your kids with our UPF 50+ clothing.

Regular t-shirts don't protect against sunburn, but our clothing does.

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Hiking shoes & sandals

From comfy, airy sandals for hot hikes, to waterproof, durable shoes for wet, muddy adventures, we have hiking shoes for every adventure in all weather.

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Hiking shoes & sandals

Swimwear Category Page - Sunhats

Sun hats

Our sunhats with UV 50+ protection let kids have fun in the sun longer, without icky, sticky lotions.

Neck, scalp and ears are the first to burn & our sun hats ensure no harmful rays come through.

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NA Summer Camp and Hiking Page - Hiking Bottoms

Hiking bottoms

We have a variety of pants perfect for summer camp and hiking outdoors.

A perfect pair for cooler, wet temperatures, our outdoor pants are durable and water and dirt-repellent, so mud and water slide right off.

For warm sunny days, try our sunproof pants and shorts!

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