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Hiking & Camping Gear

Gear up from head to toe

🥾🌲Whether you're on trails in the park or camping in the mountains, we've got the gear that will keep kids comfortable all day long! 🌳🏕☀️

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Hiking Outerwear

Spring can bring unpredictable weather, but our outerwear is designed to handle it!

With water-resistant and breathable materials, kids will stay dry and comfortable while exploring the outdoors!

Shop our outdoor playsuits and jackets made for outdoor adventures!

Outdoor Playsuits

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Ultimate Hiking Hack

Our outdoor playsuits are perfect for chilly spring or fall hikes.

They're lightweight, water & dirt-repellent, and are so easy for kids and parents.

Just throw it on top of their clothes and hit the trails!

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Spring jackets for outdoor adventures

Our spring jackets collection is perfect for hiking and camping.

They are lightweight, water-resistant or waterproof, and breathable to keep kids dry in a spring shower without making them too hot.

Perfect for all your outdoor adventures in the spring or fall.

Nerokas: A jacket & a bag!

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Lightweight, windproof & water-repellent

Warm day turned hot? This super light windbreaker turns into a bag!

Perfect for on the trails or outdoor play - especially in unpredictable weather!

Vantti Jacket: For chilly spring or fall

Breathable & water-resistant

Vantti softshell jacket is the perfect outdoor companion for chilly spring or fall days.

Reima softshell material is waterproof to keep sudden showers at bay, and windproof to keep the chilling winds out.

The soft fleece on the inside not only feels nice against the skin but keeps kids warm too.

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Hiking Bottoms

Our collection of outdoor pants are perfect for hiking in all weather.

From fleece-lined waterproof pants to lightweight, sunproof pants, we think of even the smallest details to ensure kids stay protected and comfortable while exploring their world!

Muunto Hiking Pants

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Protection from the sun ☀️

For warm days, we recommend Sunproof Muunto Hiking pants that have UPF 50+ and zip-off legs.

These pants protect kids from the sun's harmful rays, and quickly transform from long pants to shorts!

Waterproof Outdoor Pants: Kaura

The perfect protection for babies, toddlers and kids to discover the great outdoors in.

These waterproof Reimatec pants will keep kids dry and comfy – even during a surprise shower!

Perfect for hiking and playing outdoors when the weather is just a tad bit chilly.

Waterproof Outdoor Pants: Kaura

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☀️ Keeping Cool While It’s Hot ☀️

Want to play outside but the sun is just too hot?

Our Xylitol Cool clothing uses Xylitol in the material, a natural sweetener from Finnish Birch trees!

It has a cooling effect like peppermint, so when used in clothing, it can cool down a child's body temperature by 2–5 degrees Fahrenheit!

Xylitol Cooling Hiking Shirts

Stay Cool with Xylitol

Our Vauhdikas shirt is perfect for hiking on hot days. It will keep kids cool as they work up a sweat!

Vauhdikas comes in several colors to choose from and sizes ranging from 4T-8Y. Perfect for active boys and girls!

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Sunproof Sun Hats

Not all sun hats are made the same!

Our sun hats are made with a sunproof material that has UV 50+ protection.

They will protect your child's head and neck from getting burnt, and will keep them cool and comfortable all day long!

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Hiking Shoes & Sandals

NA Hiking Page - Hiking Shoes & Sandals

From comfy, airy sandals for hot hikes, to waterproof, durable shoes for wet, muddy adventures, we have hiking shoes for every adventure in all weather!

Hiking Shoes & Sandals