Made for kids on the move

Never stop moving, playing and discovering. The world is full of adventures for those who seek them out. Reima champions an active childhood for kids and an easier everyday for parents.

Reima is for the joy of movement

Reima is for the joy of movement. For those moments that make a difference. For all those exciting challenges outdoors, indoors and in between.

Reima is for an active childhood that matters. For discovering that joy of movement that will stick for the rest of life. For every day, every weather, every experience, wherever adventure awaits.

Reima inspires kids to grow up with that joy that will eventually change their lives, and ours.

That’s the path we’ve been on since 1944, dedicated to all the kids in the world, inspired by them and by that pure joy of movement.

Reima today

Reima is the globally leading brand in functional kids’ wear. Our mission is to encourage children to discover the joy of movement, and our business idea is to provide a good quality, year-around, tip-to-toe wardrobe for these active children, ages 0 to 12.

Functionality, safety, sustainability and innovation are fundamental to Reima design. By focusing on active kids’ needs, we are able to provide relevant solutions to parents, at the right time, always emphasizing product lifetime management.

Reima goes global

In 2018, Reima’s net sales reached ca. 124 Meur. Since 2012, our annual volume growth percent has been double digit. Today, over 80% of our net sales come from international markets, from over 70 countries across three continents. Russia is our biggest market, followed by Finland, Sweden, Norway and China. Entry to the North American market took place in 2016 via Canada, followed by the US market in autumn 2017. In Asia, China is our strategic growth market. Reima employs almost 500 persons. We have own sales units in eight countries.

Wholesale is Reima’s primary sales channel. In parallel, we consistently build our direct-to-consumer offline and online channels, which today account for about 25% of our net sales. There are altogether over 70 Reima brand stores or franchise stores in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Russia and China. Additionally, there are about 40 shop-in-shops in our main markets. Reima’s vision is to be the most preferred and profitable kids’ brand in the premium functional wear category globally.

Reima goes digital

Digitization is in the core of Reima’s strategy. Our net sales via own digital channels accounted for about 14% of total sales in 2018. Digital, however, is for us not only about sales but touches the whole value chain and allows us to build new business models to serve our customers even better.

We launched our first digital product, the ReimaGO activity sensor concept, in 2016 in cooperation with Suunto. The concept encourages kids to be more active, and so follows our mission. As part of our digital strategy, we acquired the start-up company Finnish Baby Box in December 2016. The next step is to add services to facilitate the buying process and everyday lives of our customers further.

Reima has dressed kids since 1944.

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